Micah Sampson

Micah Edwin Sampson (Played by Inglorious)

  • Height - Six Feet, Two Inches
  • Age - Twenty Six
  • Weight - Two-Hundred and Ten Pounds
  • Build - Very toned and lean, though he sacrifices some girth for more definition.
  • Hair - Very, very dark brown. It has a texture finer and smoother than silk and is always cared for. When it falls normally it reaches just below his neck, though he is prone to have it in a multitude of styles.
  • Eyes - He has clear and very bright hazel eyes. They would be inviting to most and have a slight orange tint to them.
  • Skin - His skin is fair, and in the best of shape. He tends to care for it's appearance and texture rather than how dark it is.
  • Tattoo/Piercing - He bears no tattoos or piercings. Micah considers it a mortal sin to graffiti his extraordinarily beautiful appearance.
  • Voice - His voice is loud, however not annoying so. It is very clear and usually has a seductive tone to it.
  • Scent - His scent of that of the richest and finest colognes. His scents range from soft and floral to hard and masculine.

Character Description

Micah stands before you at a very respectable six feet, two inches in height. His taller presence is complimented by his wrestler like build and two hundred and ten pounds of muscle.

He gazes upon you with bright and inviting hazel eyes, that would almost seem to have an orange tint to them, however this does not symbolize anything unusual. His finely shaped eyebrows flatter not only his eyes, but his smooth, fair skin and marvelously shaped facial features.

Micah's smile, though not often seen would be welcomed in any situation, his teeth white and in perfect shape. The outstanding color of his teeth are outshadowed only by the long, very dark brown locks that cover his head. His hair, always smelling fresh, adequately combed and well taken of falls just below his neck, and is remarkable in any style, though it typically just falls normally.

Micah bears no tattoos or distinguishing marks, only a fool would purposely vandalize his natural appeal. Two final, noteworthy features exist as his voice and scent. His voice is loud, though not annoyingly so. It grants him a somewhat commanding presence and synergizes well with his large vocabulary and practiced manner of speech. Finally, his scent is that of the most expensive colognes, the scents ranging from soft and floral to hard and masculine.

Character Background

Micah was born to the enormously wealthy and renowned Sampson family. Growing up, travelling from house to house, island to island depending on the season, he was given the all of the privileges of a true noble family. His father, Geoffrey Sampson obtained his fortune via methods not typical of the Sampson name. Never getting caught for anything illegal, with very few people understanding his true methods of making money, Geoffrey is a deviously intellectual man, with a handsome appearance to boot. Micah's mother was Margaret Sampson, maiden name Stoudemire. His mother, to the family was simply a beautiful housewife. Taking care of Geoffrey's at home affairs and raising Micah was her job. However, for a decade previous and a few years following Micah's birth, Margaret had a different position. She was one of the best assassins Faerun had ever seen. Her street name was Miss Maggie, and her name struck fear in the names of people that knew it. All of her killings ended the same way, a smashed bottle of nail polish across the victim's forehead accompanied by a bitten tulip.

To keep the family's name safe, Margaret quit her job as an assassin. Backtracking, Margaret was the top assassin employed by Geoffrey in his most powerful assassin's den. He was captivated by her good looks and talent, and she his money and looks. Micah inherits those three main traits from them, beauty, wealth and power. As a boy, Micah never knew why his mother would leave, but when he turned ten, while still a boy physically - mentally his father trusted him enough to let him know about their true intentions, and why the two of them never went to family functions, why Micah went in their absence.

Because Micah was always alone and because he had strong opinions of himself, he never found comfort in family, or friends. Except his cousin, Xavia Sampson. The two of them, despite an approximate six year age difference were close from the time he was five. Years later, finding out that Xavia was on Thain would bring him there. Coming back to his past, Micah skipped fencing classes, only attending school and beauty classes, the latter his mother enrolling him into because of his natural looks. Micah was driven by the criminals and the poor. Slightly influenced by his parents, he spent his time with them. Micah would get into fights with the thugs, some of them teaching him to defend himself. Over the years, he established himself as a strong man, always lifting weights until he reached what he thought was his maximum potential. Only making sure he stayed in shape after. Micah used his wealth to aid the thugs and gangs, and garner himself a good reputation. While staying fond of the streets, Micah grew tired of hanging out with criminals, which is why he sought out Xavia. Reuniting with her would calm him down, and create a balance of normality and well, Micah.

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