Mira Dain

Played by Falkala


  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 125lbs
  • Age: Appears mid-thirties.
  • Hair: Wavy brown, black streaks in back.
  • Eyes: Pure black, reflective, no whites.
  • Build: Thin and flexible, small breasts.
  • Other Features: Golden hoop earrings, shadow-markings on torso and right arm.
  • Armor: Red and black leather, made of Malar Panther.


Random Notes

  • Mira is a mother of two, one by adoption (Talon Tannerman), other by birth. (Jedrick Drachinas)
  • Mira's shadow's name is Garad, and he is sentient on his own with separate thoughts and motives.
  • Mira apparently 'owns' Stanley the Rakshasha. He was inherited from her previous house.

Pre Thain
Mira Dain was born to a bar owner in a small mining town east of the Sword Coast somewhere. The town was primarily dwarven inhabited, although most dwarves only remained there during the yearly work season when the mines were best. She grew up learning to pass about drinks to the rowdy men of the tavern under the watchful eye of her large matronly mother. Given that she and her mother were the prime source of ale in the town, many of the dwarves offered hands to help raise Mira. One in particular was a dwarf named Balmung, who had come with his father to learn the ways of a stonecutter.

During her teenage years, Mira's father would show up every now and then back home, much to the ire of his wife. He taught Mira the value of a quick hand and how much coin could be made picking pockets of sleeping drunk men. However shortly into this 'training' Mira's father met an untimely (but well earned) end at the hands of a vengeful necromancer. Mira has feared physical undead such as skeletons and zombies ever since.

When Mira was in her mid twenties, her mother died of a lifelong illness and was given the gift of a stone tomb by the dwarven friends. However Mira was not the woman her mother was, and was gently 'urged' to leave the village and seek her own destiny. Balmung packed up his axe and armor and dragged her to Thain.

Post Arrival
Mira quickly fell into several crowds on Thain, not all of which agreed with one another. It wasn't long before her rougeish nature put her at odds with the Keeper Malakin Brinsword, who told Mira she would amount to little more than a petty thief and a whore. This soured Mira's view of the Keepers, and she'd harbored a dislike for most of their members since. Seeking both a reason to prove Malakin wrong and a new crowd to run with, Mira found herself under the wing of a mage named Red and his fiance, the druidess Nadya. Nadya began to teach Mira the ways of a ranger, though their training was interrupted when Mira's focus shifted to learning to control the shadow from a man named Slaith Drachnias.

Mira was not a natural adept with the shadow, but instead had to have it forced into her and willingly accept the power. She was a fast learner in controlling it, spending the next few years both becoming a master of her new abilities and learning the ins and outs of combat. She progressed quickly, both emotionally and physically. Slaith and Mira's relationship changed in nature the more time they spent together. While it put Mira under a great deal of fire from Thain's good populace, she uncaringly continued her training and budding relationship with the evil shadowmaster. There were several attempts to lure Mira away from her path to a better life, but she rejected each one. Her inherent greed thrived in a place where she was allowed to express pent up malice. Never before had she been given permission to be cruel.

Becoming a Vandal Hawk

As a test of loyalty, Krel tasked Mira with finding a way to end the regency of Elira, a vampiress who had Kampher under thrall and currently had the Watch under her thumb. While her motivations were selfish, Mira had no trouble gathering goodly clerics of Thain to help her storm the Vampire's tomb, much to the ire of the Thayans whom were using Elira to their own ends. Mira earned her status as a Vandal Hawk and hid away an important portion of the ashes from the vampress.

While killing Elira also freed Kampher from her spell, Mira was never recognized in Steinkeris as a hero. She served the Vandal Hawks, and later the Vandal Assassins for many years. She made a few bids for captaincy but was never willing to sacrifice what it would take to get there.


Plagued with the personal flaw of an addictive personality, she dabbled in any number of vile things along with her already dangerous shadow, and began to deal and indulge in drugs of various natures. During a particularly rough time in her life while dealing with a monster known as Vosin, Mira turned to Dreammist and became tightly dependent upon it. Nadya had begun to grow it for her, having taken a fascination with the drug around the same time. Vosin later slew Nadya, leaving Mira floundering emotionally without the druidess who served as her (broken) moral compass, as well as her dealer for her deadly addiction.

She had to quickly turn to other sources for her desired drug. Cathe Redsteel became her provider, using the drug as an attempt to lure Mira into her web. To this day Mira doesn't know if Cathe wanted her as a lover or wanted to kill her. Eventually the addiction to the drug got the better of Mira. She was found by a greater Shadowlord during a high who intended to consume her and her ability. Mira's bonded shadow, Shendor, stepped up to her defense and perished. Mira escaped, wounded, branded, and much worse for the wear.

Her taste for Dreammist broken, Mira found a new high much more enticing- the power the demon Ordo could give her. A chaotic and playful entity, he and Mira tend to play strange games of danger and chance. She still enjoys his gifts, as they leave her with a clear head.


Drudo Weil led a group to slay a green dragon who had been plaguing the Feywood, before Nadya's death. The druidess acquired a green dragon egg which later hatched and was named Rakka. After Nadya's death, the juvenile and angry green dragon fell into Mira's care. She has, out of loyalty to Nadya, done her best to keep Rakka safe and developed an almost parental bond with the creature.

She doesn't talk about Rakka much these days, mostly to keep his location hidden.

Resuming Training, binding Garad

In the weeks following, Drogo Burrows, a shadowmaster halfling and old friend of Slaith's, stepped in to aid her. He served as her new teacher and helped her reach new heights of ability. She bound a shadow she has been familiar with, named Garad, whom had once been bound to Slaith. Garad remains Mira's closest companion and she is never seen without him. Drogo forced her to massively re-examine her life and moral choices, especially if she was planning to survive the oncoming war…

The Shadow War

Mira's role in the Shadow War is rarely examined. Zentarus was plucking up Shadowdancers and Shadowmasters left and right, and he repeatedly attempted to lure Mira into his grip with promise of power. She rejected him at every turn, and paid dearly in blood for it. She was taken in by two Celestial Knights, Rania and Thrar Nulen, who understood her desire to see balance among the Shadows. In the darkened rooms of Rania's south glade house, the Conclave of Shadows was born, and they fought their secret war in the veil between the Shadow and the Prime. Mira and Slaith moved permanently into Rania's house, which they would later inherit when Rania was taken from them.

A return home

With the war over, Mira and Slaith returned to Waterdeep for a few years, so they could have their first child, Jedrick. When Jedrick was six, they returned to Thain and resumed residence in the South Glade house.


Mira retired from active service as a Vandal Hawk, though she never actually told Krel this. She just stopped showing up and being a thorn in his (and her captain's) side. She was disenchanted with much of her conflicts before, instead focusing on business ventures rather than moral ones. Her husband, however, decided to get himself involved with the battle against Felkhorn. Felkhorn, in retaliation, destroyed the south glade home and left Mira severely wounded. She chose to pack her son up and leave to establish a home on the mainland. She now keeps an estate in a sleepy, farming town called Bearwalk. It is maintained by a good friend whenever she and her husband are away.

With Jedrick now entering adulthood, Mira decided to drag her husband (against his will) back to Thain to adventure again.

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