Murin Kvistir

Played by Lefse

Basic Information

  • Race: Dwarf
  • Age: 174
  • Height: 138cm.
  • Weight: 80 kg.
  • Complexion: Looks like he has spent considerable time outdoors, but lately his skin has paled a bit.
  • Appearance: Like an average dwarf.
  • Build: He looks very fit, a bit stronger than average.
  • Eyes: Brown.
  • Hair: Shaved head, grey beard.
  • Languages: Common; fluent Druidic and Dwarven
  • Profession: Engineer, Craftsman
  • Affiliations: stewards-of-hammersong and hammersong
  • Early Affiliations: Circle Defense Forces
  • Rank within the Circle Defense Forces: Specialist / Engineer
  • Patron deity: Moradin
  • Other deities: Clangeddin
  • Fields of knowledge: Metal, shapechanging, crafting, golems, druidic and dwarven runes.
  • Tattoos/scars: Black and green druidic tattoos on his arms, chest and back. Runes and other symbols.
  • Class split: Wizard 18 / Paladin 2 / Monk 1
  • Regular gear: Hammers of all kinds hanging from his belt, The winged helmet of the Stewards of Hammersong
  • IC threads of interest: Murin Kvistir: An Engineer of the C.D.F, Shades of Grey, Lost in Thought

Murin was born and raised in the Halls of Icehorn Mountains on the island known as Khorvaire. He had always been different than the other dwarves in his clan. Murin enjoyed to forge metal but he had always been searching for something more. On his 45th birthday, just five years after he was counted among the adults, he left the halls of Icehorn Mountains to adventure. After many years of travelling the island of Khorvaire he ended up in the forest of Q’Barra. He met a protector of the forest; a female elven druid, Qillathe. Murin joined Qillathe in her quest to protect the nature from goblins and other foul creatures. His metal armour made much noise as he went to quiet walks in the forest and therefore it didn’t take much time before Murin had dropped off his armour at the camp. He started meditating and took care of the trees and the creatures in the forest. Qillathe taught him how to commune with animals and how to feel the Force of Nature. Murin began to meditate every day and had talks with animals he met on his walks in the forest. After several years as a druid apprentice he could finally use the Force of Nature to aid the nature. He fought with spells and his fists. His skill with the hammer and axe had been forgotten. He spent several years practicing his new abilities under Qillathe’s guidance.

When Murin had reached the age of 120 he felt restless again. He had to move. A new druid apprentice had arrived and Qillathe was buisy training him instead. Murin was ready. He was a druid and could use the Force of Nature at will. He travelled to Adderport and took a boat to reach the mainland. The boat never got to its destination. It sank halfway there, outside an island known as Thain. Murin was a decent swimmer and with his light equipment he could swim far. He got ashore and started a new life in the forest known as Feywood. After living alone for about 2 years he decided it was time to meet people again. He headed to the crossroads and sat down there at the fire. After a while chatting with the people around a strange person came over to the fire. The person acted strange and spoke weird. It exploded and it turned out to be a golem. Murin found this golem very fascinating. He headed to the library and read everything he could about golems. He read about a man called jeri-theed-orman, a famous crafter of Thain, who also had been creating golems. He was now the leader of the Circle Defences. Murin decided to seek Jeri out. After a few patrols with Jeri, Edgar and Ragrin; Murin was recruited to the Infantry of C.D.F. After a while he began to wear metal again and he picked up his old hammers and axes.

Murin is a short stubborn dwarf. He has a well tended beard and bushy eyebrows which lately has become more greyish, rather than black. His skin isn’t as tanned as it used to be, apparently he doesn’t spend as much time outside as he used to. By the look of his hands you get a little clue of his profession; a craftsman. His hands are full of scars and burns, sometimes even oil and dirt. When it comes to things Murin really cares about he isn't afraid to speak his mind. Neither is he afraid to criticize his superior officers. But he is a diciplined soldier and a loyal friend.

Murin has changed a lot since he arrived. He no longer carries plain robes. Most of the time he wears his full plate but he can also be seen wearing his crafting apron or a heavy leather armour. Nor does he fight with his fists. A hammer, either light or heavy, is his weapon of choice. Around his waist he carries two large leather tool belts. From these belts you can see everything from knives, hammers, axes, leather pouches and even small notebooks. He proudly carries the winged helmet of the Stewards of Hammersong, declaring his allegiance to the 'Song.

During his stay on Thain, Murin constructed the armor and golemsuit Angaz Barag. This armor was later stolen by Gloin Firsparks

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