Nimali Sheki


  • Race: Human
  • Age: Mid-Twenties
  • Height: 5'4
  • Weight: 126 - 133
  • Eyes: Light Violet (Jade Green when she is hit by a powerful dispel)
  • Hair: Jet Black
  • Build: Dexterous
  • Scars: Very Few
  • Tattoos: Metallic Black
  • Classes: Rogue/Cleric/Blackguard
  • Professions: Theif, Mercenery, Mock Cleric of Sharess, Madam (In her own mind.)
  • Social Class In Luskan: Street Rat
  • Hometown: Northern Sword Coast - Luskan
  • Religion: Shar, Lady of Loss (To the Right)
  • Languages: Common and Thieves Cant
  • Voice: Loud and Boisterous / When Angry – Dark and Melodramatic
  • Miscellaneous: She is Bipolar and has ADHD

Appearance: Nim, is a woman of about twenty-four to twenty-seven years of age. Given her accent and physical traits, one might be able to discern she was originally from the Luskan region if they had been in contact with a great many from the area. Unlike many of those from the pirate town, she seems to make attempts at being well-dressed, but only with mild success as she occasionally allows herself to become very dirty. Her jet black hair falls down in wild untamed manes, but is mostly kept from her face and eyes. Upon closer inspection, those with a spellcraft skill (DC 18) may come to the realization that the shade of her eyes are but a localized enchantment and any with true seeing will see their true color; jade green. Her arms and hands both seem to have been scarred at one time, but have healed over remarkably well, only leaving very faint imprints of where they once were. The scarring would not be very noticeable at all to someone without a keen awareness. Given the metallic black tattoos covering her body from the neck down and her own efforts at concealing the scars with regenerative prayers met with a good degree of success. But if a person has the chance to inspect her full body artwork, they might notice it has many of the same markings a person would see on a priestess or devout of Shar, assuming they have some level of knowledge on religion (DC 30 lore check). One of the last things someone might note about her is the scent of the sea and sweet flowers originating from a perfume she wears, Serenity, from the Amn region.

Normally she can be seen with two blades on her left hip, a rapier and a longsword, a shortsword on her right, and a shortbow on the back, but usually when not in formal attire. At times, she might even be seen partaking in hand-to-hand combat with greater skill than one might expect, especially given that she is obviously not a monk. Her art form appears to be a free formed style of her own making. Often times she is seen wearing a purple and black shade of armor with various religious scrawlings on the tabard; however, the specific god or meaning behind them is unknown. All the same, the armor holds a good deal of protective magics and others to enhance a priest’s ability to commune with their god, which could be discerned with reasonable knowledge in the field. A last point of note: she is known to keep knives on her person, strapped in odd locations be it concealed on her lower thigh or arm, depending on the type of dress or armor.

  • Goals: Establish a foothold for Shar, Earn enough gold to live flagrently, Spread misery and strife where ever able to please her goddess
  • Interests: Drinking, manipulation, making fun of people, punching and kicking pretty much anything that moves, the Host Tower of Luskan, most of all; Shar

Thain Life: She began life on Thain after a mutiny on her former ship at sea with only a few select survivors from that. The only crewmate she knows from the ship that remained on the island is Ashan Nefzen who in her earlier years had quiet a bit of contact with. For a few years she had worked in a mercenary company who hired out for various jobs here and there, but nothing of insurmountable proportions.

In the first few months, she met a bard by the name of Corian from the Neverwinter region. While she has and likely always will resent any who hail from the city due to her Luskan roots, she decided to travel with the bard for the sake of amusement. The travels did not last long, but in the time they had known one another, she managed to be cursed by an undead skeleton within a tomb due to a broken urn. Due to these events, the skeleton now follows her acting as a bodyguard while holding a grudge against the bard who was in her company.

Eventually, she was contracted by a group known as the Poisonguard who had done various dealings, typically left in the dark to most. While she has done several jobs for them, it is not the only group of individuals she has catered to. Some of which include the CDF (rarely), the Silent Hand Merceneries and the Thayans. However, openly, she simply claims that each of these jobs she undertakes is her doing her job and nothing else. Often times she asks those of pure intent if they wish her to aid in a job, but to her disappointment, none take the offer. These ails are usually drowned away in alcohol until the next morn when stress is forgotten.

She now lives as a cleric pretending to hold devotion to Sharess who will often times make mistakes showing her true colors. Although she is trying to become a Madam of a brothel in her spare time. Whether this is for her own pleasure or a poor attempt to fool others into her mock-religion is unknown.

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