Peter Highhill

Name: Peter Highhill

  • Age:25
  • Height: 3' 7"
  • Weight: 115 pds
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Body: Slender/Fit
  • Class Division: Ranger 10/Rogue 5/SD 6


Peter is short, but his heart is that of a giant. He has dusty brown hair that is short cut and normally styled up or just mopped down all bed-head style. He has pale blue eyes which give off the aura of shadow just around the iris if you Spot close enough. His body is slender - like that of an acrobats, but don't let the slim physique fool you - he has decent strength in those hin arms from all the blade training he attends to.

He is normally seen wearing his signature shirt and vest combo. The shirt is usually grey with leaf-line embrodery on the outside arms that are usually in both emerald green and gold. The vest is black and has similar goldenrod buttons across the chest. He has a belt which has a number of different storage compartments for keeping things like knick-knacks, precious items, and survival gear. He also carries with him a set of two short blades, and a bow, which he carries with him on every patrol. The blades consist of one short blade - given to him by his father, and one Feyduster. Normally they are seen swinging from the sides of his hips on holsters.

He is a man of the shadows, though he prefers to keep most of his actions hidden that out in public than to deface his good name with people. Though if you look closely at the numerous animal tattoos that cover his skin, or even the X scar across his heart you can tell that the runes of shadows have imbedded themselves into his very bloodstream. ( Spot: 30+ ) His body is coated in these tattoos. One of a wolf on his left arm, one of an eagle's feather on the right, a bear's paw along his back, and a large cat along the front, though they are only seen if he takes off his uniform.

Pre Thain:

Originally named, Perin Wanderfut Inkwell, this small hin was left by his birth parents on the steps of a human doorstep. They chose a home, with a suprisingly hin-fitting name, and so they assumed it was the most fitting place to well… abandon their child. The parents, Mary and George Highhill, took in the young boy, seeing as they could not have a child of their own they saw it as a miracle rather than a burden. During his childhood the boy grew up knowing he was not like the other human boys in size, nor looks. He assumed he was a human though, because of the fact that that's all he was around. His parents decided to change his name too. They figured a name like Perin would surely set off some people to his odd appearance, and so they named him Peter. A fitting human name for such a swell boy, and it would surely shadow the fact he was well… halfling.

As Peter grew he was always interested in magic, adventure, wonderous sights that he'd never seen before. He was an avid forest traveller, and quite good with the local farm animals. He had sort of a gift when it came to those things. Peter also, had an odd affinity for shadows. He couldn't really explain it to anyone, but he liked to hide. He liked to swoop in and out of shadows like he was a galant knight that'd come out of a shadow to slay a mighty dragon. Though his family knew why he loved the shadows so much, but they would never tell him. Never, or at least they hoped he would never find out. Peter grew fast and he learned the gifts of sword play from the local boys. His father taught him gardening, and his mother taught him archery. Over time the boy grew into a fine young - tiny - man. It was his 18th birthday when he finally decided to spread his wings and explore the world and what it had to offer.

His parents discouraged him leaving, for they feared he would find out the truth about his life. He'd find out a number of things. Why he was so small compared to all the other humans, why he had a gift with the shadows, and why he had a strong feeling toward the wood. You see Peter had a very unique family history and linage. If I may we'll examine that so you'll understand the reasoning behind his development as a human.Here's an example of exactly how complicated Peter's life was, and still is:

Peter's family tree is quite awkward as he's born originally to a family called the Inkwells. It consists of a family of nine. Indy Inkwell, renounded map-maker of Ingleberry Bog; Maggie Inkwell, his mother; and then seven brothers and sisters, which he'll never know of: Ruger, Horvil, Junip, Torvin, Kipper, Lucinda, and Nudle. All of whom never amounted to much more than local farm workers, but hey they're at least doing something right? Pete's other family tree consists of Mary and George Highhill. The Highhill's have a vastly more complicated backstory, but the intricate details are very important. Mary was born Mary Hailey Merryweather. She was the daughter of a Luskan noble and her family had fallen on hard times. When she grew old enough to fend for herself, the stresses of her families life got to her and so she branced out to the lowest slums of the city. She became a rogue, a theif, a scoundrel and hid it from her family that she was the one helping provide for them so that they could keep their lifestyle.

She eventually stumbled onto a group of theives that knew the ways of the shadows. She was taught well, and the darkness of the shadows seemed to be her one solace in all of the hatred and pain she saw around her. In the years that followed a Lord Garius swept into the town of Luskan, The fallen mage threatened the local families and demanded that those who wished to live become followers of his reign. Mary, reluctantly accepted. She didn't want to, but she felt it was the only way to keep her family safe. Garius tried through countless years to revive the King of Shadows, and did so successfully, only to watch him fall into obscurity again, Garius was furious from the defeat of his leader, and he took it out on his followers. Mary was a servant girl and so she did as he needed, though she loathed every minute of it. Garius' terror seemed to never end and she almost lost all hope, till one day a young, humble, farmer boy from Neverwinter road through the town and saved her from her fate worse than death. His name was George Highhill.

The two married and within 10 years after they were married is when Peter landed upon their doorstep. Peter was a wonderful blessing to them, and so in the wake of the evening on the first night of his arrival, Mary Highhill set to something she never thought she'd have to. She took a small knife and cut into poor Peter's chest. Tears rolled down her eyes as she took a chunk of shadow shard from her arm and placed it inside the little boy's heart. It melted inside, molding to the form, and she cried as she stitched him up. He was special. He was unique. He was her blessing in the hardest hour. After all the years of abuse she'd had to endure from Garius she could no longer bare children, so to protect him from any future damage she made sure he'd stay safe. She gave him her gift of shadows, something she'd never even told George she had. She hoped that unlike her, he could use it for good - keep himself pure, and be saved from the torment as she was saved. Thus is the story of Peter Highhill, and his rise to be a shadowdancer.

Thain History:

Since arriving to Thain Peter has been on a whirlwind of endeavors and has always been the quenisential shy sweetheart boy. It's been noted that he's had countless romantic either crushes, and or loves in his history of Thain. There are quite a few to say the least. He began as a small farmer's boy though, and soon after meeting his first love, Maragda Medina, a practicing sorcereress and Keeper of Thain. She helped shape essentially who he is today. Mara's friendship inspired his shadowdancer background and made it much more well thought out, and she also was the first to induct him into right-sized-maidens-and-knights.

Upon becoming a Rightsized, Peter spent the majority of his time on patrols and helping others townships with their problems, though his main alligance was to davenshire. It felt like home to him, and so he vowed to protect it with more scrutiny than any other place. Mara was his guidance though, and eventually after some time, Mara and Peter started to see each other as a couple. The island knew about it so it was no secret, though that simple fact did cause some controversy for the two. Mara was, at one time, kidnapped by the elves of poisonwood and Peter became so enraged by this fact that he scowered the very lengths of Thain to find her, spending months and countless energy to save her and return her tie to the Weave back to normal.

Upon the wake of the last year there were elections held in Davenshire, where upon, Peter was asked to run as a participant. He ran, though, was graciously and most deservingly voted out by the people, who inevitably voted, Peragrin Greenleaf, in as their new Mayor of Davenshire. It was a sigh of relief to Peter. This is also the time in which he met the love of his life, Amy, who he gave blade training to on multiple occasions. Peter enjoyed being able to teach someone and show them the techniques of dual weilding blades, and eventually he decided that he'd offer the service to whomever asked.

This is also a time of stress in Peter's life as he was currently still seeing Maragda at the time. This started the saga I like to call Peter's Love Triangle. It was a very complicated and emotional love story and break-up, that eventually lead to happiness for Peter. His life went on though, being involved in countless adventures - until The Feyblood days. The epic story of Amy's transformation into a fey, and how Peter coped with the changes.

Peter has also had a strong pull with the shadow, though never stronger than Drogo Burrows, though he does aspire to be like Drogo in a way, just a softer, more caring version. Peter recently was involved with his own shadow attacking him and causing havoc in his life. This time was known as The Retep Saga wherein, Peter was teased and taunted by his shadow, tortured by the Shadow Plane, and had his very heart shard that controls his shadows forcefully removed in hopes to attain it's powers. The shard was eventually returned to his body through the aid of, eshtarra, a shadow sister in her own right. She helped Peter recover, and placed the shard back within his chest. There is an X - like scar above his heart now and a part of the shard still juts from his chest causing a slightly green glow when he's around.

The most recent events in Peter's life have to be the marriage to his wife Amy, and his rise in the ranks of Davenshire to an official Davenshire Knight. Peter, sadly, was not able to keep Amy around for long after that ceremony, for she had foes to face back on her homeland, but he hoped that one day she'd return to him. He carries a necklace of her feydust wrapped around his neck just in case, it flashes red whenever she may be in danger. Peter also has a cloak, bestowed unto him by a Seargent Furrows during the brave battle fought in the Roots of Ruin Saga against Stingers and a rogue Growth machine. Peter wears it proudly when occasions call for it. Though, it seems that things have died down and that Peter can now be content to roam Thain protecting it's people for the rest of his days - and awaiting his true love's return.

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