Phillian D Adumar

Race: Human
Height: 6’2
Weight: 205lb
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark Green
Age: 23
Class: Druid 20

Standing at 6’2 he’s a little taller than most humans but doesn’t seem to actually notice it. While he has the look of someone who spends all their time outdoors, he keeps himself presentable. Hair kept cut, clothing kept clean, he stands with a confidence unusual for his age. While he is not muscular, he isn’t exactly small of build either. A wound of some sort is always prevalent, it seems this young druid can’t help but get himself injured in some way, though normally only minor scratches.

His armour is cut to fit, hugging his form tightly. Although on the heavier side, if you take a close look you’ll notice that it isn’t made of metal but rather of scales of various animals, forming a persistent protective armour. A bag hangs at his side carrying what equipment he requires, often varying from potions and scrolls to the latest wand he is working on, and at times, the makings for powerful rune spells, something he has been busy trying to learn and adapt. The scimitar hanging at his side glows with a blue hue, and when taking a closer look, seems to be coated in the cold of ice.

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Thain History
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