Ragnar Theeslen

Name: Ragnar Theeslen
Age: 54
Height: 183cm
Weight: 75kg
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin: White
Patron dieties: Tempus
Languages: Common
Skills: Swordsmanship, Tactics, Divination, Magic (divine)
Class distribution: Fighter 4, Paladin 14, Rouge 2
Allegiance: The imperial-order-of-telborea
Affiliation: telborea
Features: Ragnar got a short haircut and a well kept beard. His face is hardened after years of battle in the service of the emperor.

Ragnar is of noble blood and grew up in Telborea. He was the only child in the rich family and received the best education in politics, warfare and several minor subjects. At the age of 20 he decided to join the army. For three years he was trained to become officer and his skills in leadership got quickly known among the commanders. He served bravely in the war against the desert tribes and became a soldier in The Imperial Order. As many other soldiers he prayed to the war god Tempus. He would not let his nobility decide the rank in the Order and he served as a soldier for five years and got a well deserved advancement.

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