Ramana Domefarar

played by Ramana Jala

Ramana Domefarar
(Keeping her original surname a secret, she gave herself the surname of 'Domefarar' which means 'Nighthunter' in Elvish)



  • Race/Gender: Gold/Sun Elven female
  • Apparent Age: An Elf in her 80s, by Human standards she looks twenty-something
  • Height: 4' 9"
  • Weight: 85 lbs
  • Hair: Very long wavy raven-blue-black mane, the kind of black that has bluish glints in it like raven feathers or cat or rat fur. When working keeps it done up with two long metal picks.
  • Eyes: Emerald Green


A petite elf woman with light bronzey skin, luscious long blue-black hair to down below her waist, and soulful deep emerald eyes. Noble demeanor yet down-to-earth, dainty, refined, elegant, lovely, graceful. Often considered to be strikingly beautiful with great sensual attraction, especially by human men. She looks very fit and lean, slender but muscular in her upper back, shoulders, and legs.

Those who get to know her would learn about a long-standing contamination from riftstone dust in a forehead wound, which enables her to see and access the Shadow Plane, but has caused periodic mental and memory issues. She refuses to seek a complete cleansing because of her 'sister' Magess Ranara Duauth ranara-duauth —who only a few persons know was actually created from that negative energy in Ramana encapsulated by a magical psychic water elemental, creating the independent sentient being Ranara who can manifest alternately with Ramana. Ranara is very protective of Ramana, and is her doctor keeping her condition manageable for both of them.


  • Profession: Publicly: Ranger, Scout, Courier, Hunter-Finder, Bounty Hunter, Bow and Swordarm Escort, Locksmith, Dressmaker-Tailor; Privately: Tomb Raider, Thief ("Opportunist"), Spy, Assassin, Masseuse, Artiste de Plaisir; (Previously: Courtesan)
  • Birthplace: An Elven enclave near the trade city of Yartar, on the Dessarin River
  • Residence: Elisara greenvale when visiting Thain (planar travel courtesy of her 'sister' Magess Ranara Duauth ranara-duauth )
  • Languages: Elven, Common, Sylvan, Giant, Orc, Thieves' Cant, and a few words of Draconic
  • Deity: Sharess and Fenmarel Mestarine
  • Estelglin of the Greenvale Militia, and member of the Black Merchant Guild
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