Ranara Duauth

played by Ramana Jala

Ranara Duauth


In Elvish, ‘Ranara’ means ‘lost or wandering’ and ‘Duauth’ means ‘dark apparition’, thus her name means ‘lost (or forsaken) dark apparition’, or ‘wandering nightshade’ as in a night-blooming flower vine, depending on connotation taken.

This Elven lady wizardess has two intrinsic forms. One merely strange and one which seems horrific.

When appearing in a more-or-less solid humanoid form, she has a peculiar pale bluish translucent complexion and hair like bound water. She has an obvious affinity for water, and some may think her to be an Aquatic Elf. For those who know the Elven Ranger Lady Ramana Domefarar (ramana-domefarar), Ranara looks exactly like her except for coloration, and Ranara will indeed claim to be Ramana’s half-sister. She is actually a being created by water and shadow, the product of the magical intermixing of a water elemental and negative shadow energy, a separate persona which alternates manifestation with Ramana. Not many know that Ramana and Ranara share the same existence and are not independent beings, concealment of which fact the two have cooperatively instituted.

Those sensitive to negative energies will definitely feel something unusual about Ranara. Natural folk and animals may instinctively feel uncomfortable or something creepy about her, due to her negative energies. [I RP that dogs and wolves generally do not like her, and Guards who get close enough to feel that she is actually Shade-like (not just wearing magical shields) will potentially attack her.]

Those who are insensitive or tolerant will generally think her merely strange, but not evil or threatening. Those who get to know her will find her emotionally impassive yet naturally truthful. She maintains that Truth, or the principle of Veritas, is the basis of an orderly mind. Only since she arrived in Thain has it become necessary for her to learn to not be so straightforward.

She also has a shadowy transparent ethereal form, looking just like a Shade or Ghost with an Elven shape. [Any of your characters who are fearful or intolerant of shadowy creatures such as fearsome Shades and cursed Ghosts, feel free to RP your fear and intolerance when she is in this /ghost + /shadow form, to drive her away.]


  • Relatives: Ramana Domefarar, ranger, is her 'sister' (after a fashion), that is what the two will claim
  • Profession: Wizard. Specialities include planar mechanics, negative energies, rift taint counteraction, control of shadows and water elementals, and crystals
  • Birthplace: Homeworld of Aenea in the Amethyst Universe (although she was not 'born' in the biological manner)
  • Residence: Elisara greenvale usually the library and halls of the Magic School, when sojourning in Thain
  • Languages: Elven, Common, Draconic, and several simplistic creature languages
  • Deity: Prizimal (of the Amethyst universe), the god of the Balance of Light and Dark
  • Member of The Greenvale School of Magicks, and the Black Merchant Guild
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