Race: Elf
Class: Sorcerer
Age: 200
Hairs: Emerald green
Eyes: Grass green
Height: 1,76 meters
Weight 69 kg
Build: Slim
Tattoos: Various black and red tribal tattoos on his chest, arms and legs.
Clothing: Fine tailored cloths, blood red and deepest black, inside the collar in silver is sewed the name Raven. The dyes change from time to time. A red silk cloak, with the symbol of an ancient family of Bloodmages, once living in Greenvale, before the first cataclysm.
Weapon: A black and silver staff made of black wood and silver tops. In the middle of it is possible to read the runes: Raven's Channeller.
Deity: He does not worship a deity in particular, he firmly believes in the exceptional power of the Weave, and in the ultimate resolution of everything in Chaos.
Residence: Greenvale

Short history of Raven on the island of Thain

When he first came he longed for power and implementing his skills in the manipulation of the Weave, he asked to join the Academy of Steinkreis but because of his deep connection with the Weave, its headmaster rebuked its application.

Left alone and without any guide he started dedicating himself to the increase of his personal power and the search of powerful artifacts. Eventually his search brought him to aknowledge the dark side of the island, thus he started acting against those who protected innocents and the against the good folks in general.

He joined various organization in order to bring as much pain as possible to those who lived on the island, but his chaotic nature always stopped him from gaining ranks as he always acted on his free will, making him a loner and generally a destructor of lives.

This went on for quite a lot of years, until in its life happenned the unthinkable. Something changed, a beautiful female elf named Riley, stepped in his way and made him change little by little.

What once was a dreadful beast of death and destruction, became a caring elf, but it didn't happen easily, as some of the old allegiance he had stepped in the relationship trying to hurt him, through her.

Wanting to keep her beloved out of peril he left the island for quite some time hoping that whoever was would have stopped to bring pain and suffering upon Riley, it worked perfectly.

After few years passed he went back to the island of Thain, and discovered what irony of life meant. The one he once loved at the point to change his deepest feelings, was now married to someone else, reality crushed on him, he was tempted to go back to his old ways, but the thought of Riley and a meeting they had, prevented that from happenning.

He turned then to the Stone temple in Steinkreis and did a ritual to finally cleanse his soul, the Pain was excruciating and in the process he lost a considerable amount of its power, and only slowly and with much effort he managed to restore all of it.

Now he does not believe in anything else except for his own freedom, and acts consenquentially, even the guild he formed to gather all the Sorcerers on the island somehow reflects that.

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