Razon Bani
  • Race: Human.
  • Age: 40's
  • Height: 197cm.
  • Weight: 92 kg.
  • Complexion: Looks like he spends much time outdoors.
  • Appearance: Rugged, scruffy
  • Build: He looks very fit and quite strong.
  • Eyes: Deep green.
  • Hair: Originally coal black, but in recent times he has been seen with no hair at all.
  • Languages: Common, drow, elven, Thieves' Cant, gnomish.
  • Profession: Assassin for hire, spy and master of disguise.
  • Patron deity: The Form
  • Affiliations: None
  • Early Affiliations: The poisonguard, syanns-order
  • Fields of knowledge: Poisons, weapons, scrolls of divine and arcane origin, shifting
  • Tattoos/scars: His arms have random tattoos and scars. His face has three large scars. One above his left eye, one across his right eye and one on his chin.
  • Class split: Rogue 4 / Druid 6 / Shifter 11
  • IC threads of interest: A Touch of Evil
  • Also Known As: Cheat

Regular gear:
Armour: Light leathers and Chainmail
Weapons: Daggers, shortsword, tomahawk, Light Hammers, Long Swords

Razon Bani is a shifter. He developed his shiftingabilities under the guidance of Ashan, who also was to become one of Razons colsest friends. After kidnapping and torturing Nasmat, High Priestess of Bane, Razon lost his shiftingabilities during a dark ritual arranged by Nasmat. Razons abilities was transfered to sabethe-arnen. After several years of searching for ways to retrive his lost powers, he was granted the ability to shapeshift by the Hunger. He aquires new shapes by 'devouring' the essence of creatures slain in combat.

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