Played by Lady Chloe


Name: Was never given one.
Aliases/Nicknames: Before Thain, she was called The Revenant. On Thain, she has received a variety of names. O'dina (meaning "silent one" in Elven) is the most common.
Race: Can be assumed Elven on the basis of her height and physique.
Age: Hard to say as she is covered from head to toe, mask, armor, and gloves. The only thing that can be made out is her eyes.
Height: 4'3". A bit shorter than most Elves.
Hair: Completely hidden. Who knows? She might be bald.
Eyes: Green or blue, but often appear dark beneath her hood.
Skin: What little of it can be seen, it appears tan.

Theme Song: 30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane

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