Rorry Lange

Race - Gnome
Height - 3'6"
Hair - Grey
Eyes - Green
Apparent Age - Indeterminate
Appearance - This gnome looks at once both young and ancient, with grey hair and a weathered look of one having seen much, on and off the battlefield, she still maintains the friendly and youthful enthusiasm of a gnomish tinkerer and the drawl of one from a far off and dubiously civilized land. She dresses in robes of the arcane sort, often full of vivid colours and cheerful patterns, in direct contrast to the ever present bastard sword slung over her shoulder and the bare, fleshless bones of her left hand.
Affiliation - The School of Magic

Rorry is a walking dichotomy, long since a practitioner of the dreaded Necromantic arts and equally well versed in Conjuration, manipulating and exploring the boundries of death and life, on and off the plane, yet she has every interest in the mundane life of those around her, ever willing to lend a friendly hand or word in aid, even if it may at times be difficult to cut through her accent and ascertain exactly what she's offering.

As a member of the School of Magic:
Rorry freely admits to practicing arts often deemed abhorrent, having been inducted into the School of Wizardry(later School of Magic in Greenvale) as their Head of Necromantic Practices and Studies. She draws a hard line on exactly what can, versus should, be done regarding the honoured(or less so) dead, suffering no fool under her teaching that would seek conquest and dominion via corrupting the deceased.
Rorry also practices Conjuration as a primary interest, and is frequently seen walking the lands with a Red or Green Slaad at her side conversing about a variety of matters, both mundane and arcane.

Rorry was present for and helped execute the magical alterations to the Hamley region(alongside a great many other casters of various factions), leading up to the engagement and final downfall of Fhelkhorn. She having stood toe to toe with the Red, alongside Caryduil(then headmaster of the School of Wizardry) and other members of the school, using magics to assume the form of dragons to hold the great drake in place for a signifigent portion of the battle to buy time for others to make more decisive actions. While victory was achieved by the combined efforts of all involved, she still somewhat jokingly claims latecomers to the battle at Crater Lake 'stole the kill'.

Rorry has never explicitly defined or explained in any meaningful detail where EXACTLY she comes from or what linage she possesses. Only that she came from a rural environment(the exact compass direction varies by telling), apprenticed as a wizard for many years, traveling the Sword Coast, then struck out on her own after a chance visit to the Island of Thain. She has been and gone many times since then, having told tall tales her her ventures to other planes and back, but the only details that remain consistent are her time on the island and her history with the School of Wizardry.

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