Saerin Essen

Played by Cleric of Mystra

Basic Information

  • Race: Human.
  • Age: 23.
  • Height: 182cm.
  • Weight: 78kg.
  • Complexion: Slight tan.
  • Appearance: Average, cleanly.
  • Build: Lithe. Good physical condition.
  • Eyes: Light blue.
  • Hair: Jet black, disarranged.
  • Languages: Common, Shadowspeak, Thieves' Cant.
  • Profession: Whatever is needed that day.
  • Affiliations: Circle Defense Forces
  • Patron deity: Auppenser; some faith in Tymora.
  • Fields of knowledge: Psychokinesis and Psychometabolism, stealth, shadows and the Shadow Plane, general engineering with a focus on constructs, lock smithing.
  • Tattoos/scars: Black tattoos on backhands, which shine faintly if exposed to the right light. He usually doesn't let others see these and are often concealed by gloves. His faced is pierced all over, as well.
  • Class split: Metaclassed Shadowmind.
  • Regular gear: Light leathers or cloths, usually of dark colours and with little to no metal; light blades, two strapped at his hip, more in his pack and boots.
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