played by revenge256
Race: Half-Elven
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167lbs
Age: 40
Patron Deities: Silvanus (primary), Mielikki, Erevan Ilesere, Baravar Cloakshadow (secondary, on occasion)
Languages: Common, Druidic (fluent), Elven, Sylvan (well), Gnomish, Thieves Cant (some passing knowledge)

Physical Description: A half-elf of slight build. His elven heritage is apparent to the point where he looks like an elf, except for his above average height and a somewhat rounder face. He is young, but alert and his clothes are somewhat dirty while being slightly adorned with feathers, twigs and leaves. He has an earnest countenance, and seems eager to please, though he will occasionally speak in an awkward or uncivilized manner. You might catch a mischievious glint in his eyes.

Demeanor: Shayglade relates well to humans and elves (though he will keep them somewhat at arms length), likes halflings, and is especially fond of gnomes. He doesn't relate to dwarves (though he will be basically cordial), and is cold to half-orcs.

Pre-Thain Background: Shayglade's was born to an Uthgardt Barbarian father and a wood-elf mother, who were living in exile thanks to their respective communities disdain for their union. In their travels, they came across a tribe of orcs. They tried to fight them off, and with the help of a passing druid were successful, but Shayglade's parents succumbed to their wounds before the druid could heal them. Shayglade's mother communicated his first name (but not her or her husband's name) to the druid, Narlan, who would become his foster-father. Shayglade was raised with druidic beliefs, but never had enough interests in martial matters to excel as a ranger like his foster-brother. He preferred to sneak, hide and climb amongst the trees and foliage. On his way to a ceremony where he would take his druidic oaths, he got caught in a poachers snare. He was unfamiliar with anything mechanical, and had never seen plant-life behave this way. A gnomish rogue, Pinras Ashlittle managed to free him, and Shayglade ended up as his apprentice for a time, learning about locks, traps, urban civilization and intrigue.

On Thain: He came to Thain to seek his fortune and further his knowledge, especially in the ways of traps and stealth He has since renewed his druidic faith, and this continues to be an important part of his life, though the adventurer's path is one he has chosen for himself. Shayglade has tried to pass through Thain's wilderness doing minimal harm to the animal population and is always on the lookout for ways to restore Nature's balance. His attempts at enterprise and larceny have persistently met with failure.

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