Played by Syiedthebard


  • Race: Half-Orc
  • Age: Approximately 35 years
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: Black
  • Build: Moderately bulky, but densely muscular and, compared to many half-orcs, lithe.
  • Classes: Fighter/Weapon Master
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (with lawful and good tendencies)
  • Professions: Mercenary, soldier, (anonymous) author
  • Residence: No permanent residence
  • Homeland: Amn
  • Religion: Acknowledgement of Bhaal
  • Languages (Fluent): Common, Thorass, Infernal, Abyssal
  • Languages (Some Understanding): Drow, Elven, Undercommon, Orcish
  • Voice: Fairly deep, but smooth, clear, and almost scholarly, with occasional gruffness.
  • Affiliation: - None

Appearance: Shinjuro is lithe when compared to many half-orcs, but his body is much bulkier than most humans, and his lean, compact muscles match all but the strongest of half-orcs. He is of slightly above-average height, even for a half-orc, and carries himself in a dignified, deliberate manner. His hair is slightly overgrown in the back, though in the front it is mostly thin or absent.

Parentage: His parentage is not something that is kept as secret as it should be. This may be due to Shinjuro's apathy toward the subject, or a mild pride. Whatever his reasons, he occasionally alludes to the fact, and in some cases, outright says that he is a child of Bhaal. Contrary to the typical half-orc form of conception, that of a hostile orc male and an unwilling human female, his mother was an Orc priestess of Bhaal, and his father was Bhaal himself, in the form of a human.

Life Shinjuro was born in Amn, very close to the Sword Coast, in total obscurity. He did not stay with his mother for very long, and at the first chance, set off to find himself. Instead of finding himself, he met a Kozakuran named Shin Juro. Indeed, Shinjuro adopted this man's name, for Shin Juro took it upon himself to teach and train the half-orc Bhaalspawn, and he was not oblivious to the divinity running through his veins.

Shinjuro was trained in the more combat-oriented ways of Kara-Tur and Kozakura, learning extensively how to use and forge the katana. At the end of his training, he forged his own katana, which he would carry with him everywhere until it was lost to the shores of Thain. After his training was absolutely complete, and Shin Juro could teach him no more, the half-orc challenged his master and slew him, taking his master's sword to accompany his own. With that, he set off to become a mercenary, interloper, and observer, recording his thoughts in diaries in which he wrote to "Scribbles," as well as anonymously authored books full of aphorisms and knowledge on half-orcs and mercenary life.

Eventually, after several years of traveling alone, Shinjuro met a human wizard named Norian, who surrounded himself with mercenaries and friends alike. Norian extended an invitation to Shinuro to join him, and the half-orc accepted, being the type to rarely decline anything unless he was sure that it was his own destruction.

Shinuro traveled in Norian's company for some time, mingling with other mercenaries and meeting the strange characters that followed the wizard. One such character was a Drow woman, whom Shinuro took an interest in. They did not become friends on the typical level, but rather lovers on another level, where they confided in each other anything, despite their apparently poor treatment of each other. The two could not be seperated for any great length of time, and so they were tied to Norian by each other, and to each other by Norian.

Norian had a penchant for sticking his nose in every business that he happened to find, which was a trait Shinjuro enjoyed. One business in particular was that of dealing with Fiends. Later in Shinjuro's travels with him, Norian tended to strike deals with devils and demons. Shinjuro was one of Norian's primary assistants in these transactions, and the Fiends they dealt with often made remarks directed at Shinjuro, or about him at the very least, alluding to his nature, but never giving away outright. It was through these experiences that Shinjuro learned a great deal about Fiends and how to deal with them, be it with words or violence.

These travels carried on for a good number of years, with many of Norian's followers dying, leaving, and being replaced, until Norian took his company to help a group of mages deal with one of their own that had gone mad and was attempting to achieve Lichdom. It all went terribly wrong, however; circumstance and the crazed mage's faulty contigency caused half of Norian's company and the group of mages to be disintegrated, and the other half to be sent inexplicably away, vanishing.

Shinjuro was sent back to Amn, luckily for him. After that, he sought to live relatively peacefully, and so he entered the company of one captain that he had met in his time with Norian. He and the captain's crew sailed around, with Shinjuro occasionally traveling inland while the ship stayed in a port. He continued this mode of life for his years leading up to his blunderous landing on Thain, which was the death of all onboard except Shinjuro and the captain.

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