Teron Dian

"My name is Teron Dian, a wizard of small renown."

(Played by dontyouknow since '07)

Physical Description:
Hieght: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs
Age: Early 30's
Hair: Light Blond
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Very fair with an odd sheen to it
He also has large, fading scar across his left palm.
Languages: Common, Elven(weakly), Draconic and Celestial(weakly). Can sooth animals at times.
Carries an Ironwood staff of curious workmanship and an ornate longsword at his hip.

Early History:

Teron is the fourth son of a Waterdhavian family of modest fortune. He took an interest in his family's farming interests and was discovered there by members of the Waterdhavian wizards' guild. He took quickly to the Art as well as a young woman by the name of Julianna, another student at the School, whom he married during the latter part of his time there. He was present during the Drow siege of Waterdeep where he and Julianna were trapped outside of the tower while the forces of the Underdark assaulted it. A moment's inaction on Teron's part cost Julianna her life, at least as far as Teron saw it.

Enveloped by his grief, Teron dug too deep into the study of necromancy and was thus ejected from the company of the surviving members of the Guild. His wanderings therafter brought him to Thain in the hopes that the power inherent in the riftstones might assist him in not only creating a new body for his wife, but to recall her spirit. His attempts brought him rebuke from beings of the Higher planes and a call to repentance from Julianna herself.

This set Teron upon a path towards the redemption he desperately seeks.

He is currently married to a widowed Elven scout and woodguide by the name of Nataleena. They have been happily married for several years now and reside in Upper Steikreis in the Wizards School's tower.
His current focus of study is Conjuration.


Teron is an member and instructor of the School of Magic in Greenvale. He was introduced to the organization by Jacen Morlock, previous to Jacen's subsequent fall from grace. He has been active in recruiting attempts in the past, most notably a young unknown by the name of Rishkin Templar, who was subsequently rejected on account of the darkness in his heart.

Teron holds other organizations that strive for order and good in high regard.

Personality Quirks:

Is excessively wordy, doesn't use contractions in his speech, butts into conversations when not included (sometimes), worries about others overmuch at times. Has slightly hard skin from his necromantic past as well as an odd light scar across his left palm from a demon's blade. Being snuck up on makes him jump.

Fears: Drow, demons, the ever-encroaching shadow of Thayan domination, falling from the small grace he has acheived for himself, allowing Nataleena to come to harm.

He would die for his wife, other members of the School of Wizardry, or those whom he considers friends. He believes that this would allow him the final atonement he seeks.

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