Tiberius Vitellus

Name: Vitellus, Tiberius Furius
Age: 25
Race: Human; Roman
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Skin: White, tanned
Patron dieties: jupiter, Juno, Minerva, Mars, Apollo, Saturn, Terminus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres
Languages: Common
Skills: Divination (auguries), Magic (divine)
Class distribution: Cleric 19
Allegiance: The SPQR
Affiliation: Rome

Tiberius was a promising politician in the hierarchy of the Roman Republic. Elected at an early age to have a seat on the Collage of Pontifices, the high priests of Rome, his path was set to achieve great glory. Tiberius was expected to be invited to the Senate within five years and stand for election as Consul within another ten. All of these magnificent plans relied heavily on the power and influence of his father, Titus. As an accomplished general and consummate politician Titus had secured ever expanding power for his family and allies. However, voices in the Senate raised concern that Tiberius was a puppet in Titus' plans. To avoid public humiliation and secure power, Tiberius must prove himself to the people.

He set out on an expedition, intent to travel beyond the Pillars of Hercules and explore the shores beyond Numidia. At the day of his departure, Tiberius sacrificed one of the sacred white bulls to Jupiter and recieved the blessing of the god of the Romans. His journey started well, and progressed so until the ship reached the southern coast of Spain. A powerful storm raged, damaging the ship and killing many of the crew. The ship was set adrift, and while the captain and the remaining crew desperately worked to repair the vessel, Tiberius offered fervent prayer to the god Neptune of the sea, who he believed had smote their craft with his fury in jealously of the magnificent sacrifice his brother Jupiter had recieved. Eventually another storm hit them, and the crew was cast overboard, Tiberius among them. He woke up on a coast that he quickly learnt was not part of Africa.

Tiberius' interpretation of the will of Jupiter has led him on a quest to secure favor with all of the gods his people revere. He believes that the combined power and good will of the pantheon can bring him back to his home and allow him to reclaim his wealth and power.

Vitellus carries the following arms and armor blessed by the gods as a testiment to his skillful and devoted practice of the Roman religion.

*The greaves-of-jupiter-fulgur
*Dii Consentes

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