Velve Elg'Calh

Race - Drow

Age - 200 Years

Alignment - Neutral Evil

Profession - Agent of Vengeance

Deity - Kiaransalee


Velve is a Drow.

She has short, silver hair. Her eyes are in a pale shade of blue, but are blood red if light shines directly into them. She is 5’ and 90 lb. Her body build is graceful but she seems to lack physical strength. She has a calculated look on her face, often mistaken for arrogance.

On both her thighs she has a scabbard, both holding a short sword. On her belt she has slots for various small weapons, such as daggers and darts. Besides these dagger and dart slots, she carries a small leather pouch on her belt, which holds many separate compartments in which she keeps her vials of poison. She carries a bow and a small quiver on her back.


Velve originates from a small Drow House, namely the House of Calh. She is 5th in line for the position of Matron after thinning out some of the competition. She is a faithful follower of Kiaransalee. She came to Thain by accident as an Illithid trap misfired and brought her to the Isle.

Known Languages

Elven, Undercommon , Drow, Common, Infernal, Drow sign language, Abyssal and Draconic.


Call of the Dead
The House Cahl

Theme song - Within Temptation - What Have You Done

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