Xerous Maines

Played by Arinoch


  • Race - Human
  • Height - 5' 10"
  • Weight - 160 lbs.
  • Hair - Brown-ish Blonde
  • Eyes - Blue
  • Age - 34 human years


  • Swashbuckler - Rogue 15, Fighter 4


  • Adept at picking locks and disarming traps
  • Master at combat with a rapier, also excelling with a pair
  • Natural Stealth - despite his temptation to play with shadows, he's never learned how to manipulate them, or vice versa
  • Subterfuge (debateable)
  • Humour (also debateable)


If a smile’s not seen on this man’s face, a smirk is likely to be there instead. Xerous is a human of average attractiveness, if not a bit more, but his bright eyes and wide smile give him a friendly demeanour. He stands a few inches under six feet tall, and his build is very lean and toned. His hair is a short mix of blonde and brown, with the blonde becoming dominant in the light.

Xerous is often seen wearing a lengthy blue coat which seems to slightly fade any light that approaches it. The coat is well worn, and usually covers a comfortable, simple brown tunic and black pants. Along his belt ride several small pouches, and when his coat opens at all, it’s clear there are several pockets lining the inside. If anything is noteworthy about his belongings, it would be the odd scabbard hanging from his belt. The lining of the scabbard looks to be lined with the pelt of a displacer beast, but it would be difficult to tell without further analysis. What might be noticeable to a person with exceptionally good vision is the blur of the sheathed rapier’s hilt, almost as if several different rapier hilts were magically laid over top of each other.


Xerous’ childhood is a fading memory. As far as he knows, he left his parents, who were travelling merchants, to board a trade ship when he was only ten years old. Not much is remembered about them, and he couldn’t describe their faces if he wanted to.

His early life on the trade ship was an educating one. Xerous learned all manner of sailing tips and ways to be helpful. These tasks generally involved tinkering with locks and trapping devices, all of which were designed by the Gnome the sailors cleverly nicknamed “Tinker.” Tinker’s inventions were intriguing ones, often used to trap food for the ship, but Xerous’ small hands were key to putting these devices together. Youth is youth, however, and despite this experience, Xerous never cared enough to figure out why the devices worked so he could put such things together himself. What he did get pick up from the experience, however, was the ability to operate the sensitive devices without breaking them or setting them off. This later translated into disarming traps, picking locks, and figuring out how to use any strange devices they discovered along their journeys.

By the time Xerous was seventeen, he’d decided he wanted a bit more excitement than he’d had with the shipping crew, and though he’d miss them terribly, he found a new ship that could challenge his skills while they were docked at port. He spent the better part of ten years aboard that ship, being taken into dangerous situations searching for treasure, and with the exception of occasionally having to fend off drunken randy pirates, loved every minute of it.

His love of treasure hunting grew as time went on, and his collection of rapiers had grown along with it. Being one of the smaller members of the crew, however, he often had to wait for the Captain’s okay before claiming a weapon as his own, as the loot was often divided up fairly between the crew members. The captain thought his was the best way to avoid mutiny.

Greed got the better of Xerous one hunt, however, and he smuggled a newly found rapier into his belongings without telling the Captain. Rules are rules, however, and when the sun went down, and the magics of this new blade caused it to glow brightly in the night, it was impossible for Xerous to deny his theft. The captain was torn, but had little choice, and so they sent Xerous ashore to the nearby island of Thain as they passed, providing only a few supplies for his survival.

His Life on Thain

Xerous’ life on Thain started much the same way as his life on board a ship started; he felt smaller than everyone else, as if he was imposing on others just by being around. Despite being outwardly friendly and jovial, he often took to solitary travels and adventures, exploring the depths of the island in an exceedingly foolish fashion (some of this wouldn’t necessarily change too much). Slowly he made more connections with people and became comfortable truly settling on the island, now well aware that his former crew wasn’t coming back for him. He often wondered what adventures awaited him out on the sea, and what his crew had been up to in their time apart, but the ins and outs of Thain, and the troubles of its people, seemed to always keep him from picking up and leaving.

Though he’s been involved in many grand adventures on the island, some of which have prevented potential disasters of varying sorts from occurring, a handful of smaller events have shaped the way his personality and confidence have grown.


Though he’s friendly with a wide variety of sorts on the island, many of whom are antagonists in the eyes of each other, the first step on his path to becoming a character who worked towards a specific goal came from Keira Siadys'varilo. What had started in part as a journey to help save a friend’s life while also following a pair of attractive women had turned into an eye-opening experience when Xerous was introduced to some of the underlying powers that influenced the island. Keira offered kind advice and the sharing of her extensive knowledge freely in response to Xerous’ curiosity, despite the weight of their situation and their location in the Abyss. This sparked a connection in Xerous’ mind towards Keira, and he thought of her often as a sister or motherly figure after this. The effect of her eventual apparent shift in attitude, which deserves its place in a different biography, has left a profound impact on Xerous’ psyche, and he has only rarely spoken of this with anyone.


Before this negative effect, Xerous life was changed after an extended dealing with a Tiefling and her Devil mother. Xerous’ corpse (him having recently been slain by a dragonkin) had garnered the attention of Valaere - a Tiefling prostitute from Raven’s Watch. Though Xerous consistently evaded the advances of Val, he nonetheless was learning more about her and her background. If ever a representation of a person’s wish to be more than they are, yet be chained to their current life by family ties, Val’s life was such. Her human side yearned for adventure, but her devil side made her unable to refuse romantic advances from anyone. It was this failing that almost required her to take up the profession she had. It was also this failing that perhaps made Xerous so intriguing to her, as initial attraction aside, there was little to prevent Xerous from taking advantage of Val, or more accurately allowing Val to take advantage of Xerous. Still, he had latched on to the idea of helping Val realize her dream, and that meant ridding her of her devil half. He’d heard this had been done before, on the island no less, and sought out the means to do so. Perhaps too coincidentally it was her father, a Thayan, who provided the means to do so, but the provided orb could just as likely destroy Val’s soul completely. Despite Val’s mother encouraging their union, Xerous took Val to the underground Celestial crystal to beg for their aid in the purification process. Upon using the orb, Val’s soul was destroyed, and her body fell lifelessly into Xerous’ lap. Xerous and his friends carried her to Raven’s Watch and buried her there. Anders blessed the grave, and Xerous had failed to save the first person who was depending solely on him. Xerous never learned the goal of Val’s mother – to have the pair of them breed and thus release potentially dozens of devil spawn on the island. Val’s soul had also been destroyed, and not freed, so her spirit wasn’t likely at peace in the heavens either. Thus, Xerous was never left with anything but sorrow and regret over his failure.

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Other Friends, and into the Present…

Xerous has befriended all sorts of people in his time on the island, ranging from the pure to the signficantly less than pure. Currently in a relationship with a similarly troubled lady, Gwen Fynolds, Xerous has developed some kind of unlikely union of chaos with the woman, and they continue to have a relationship built on mutual troubles and the understanding of such. His other friends, too numerous to name, have all helped shape the person he is today and continues to be. His morality is perhaps questionable at times, but he's always working towards a purpose now, whether or not he has to make a joke to hide it.

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