Height: 4’8’’

Age: ~ 300

Eyes: Dark green, but hardly noticeable for the glow that is given out

Hair: Grayish red.

Body is lithe, thin, and toned though not really muscular, and covered in blood looking tattoos as a sign of his former faith.

Yohirrhil Vallier Callindhier

A name from a time in his life where he worshipped Corellon, in his youth, he cast aside his family name in self shame, when he grew into a beast of the Hunt, a devout worshipper of Malar. His arrival on the island was the start of a different path in his worship of Malar, and his history on Thain is marked in murders and other atrocities, as he became infamous island wide as a monster.

His arrival on the island and the start of his new method of worship to get closer to Malar, ironically, started the series of events that eventually had him leave Malar, and brought him back closer to what he was before he fell from his grace.

He is currently working to make up for what he’s done, doing his best to devote himself to the protection and good of others, and is looking for a way to manage the curse inflicted on him for leaving Malar's servant, now being a lycanthropic wererat. He looks now for the favor of Selune.

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