Academy of the Silver Scroll

"Oghma's Academy of the Silver Scroll; The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance."

Come! Attend The Academy of the Silver Scroll in Steinkreis Lowtown today! Let us Expand your World and Enrich Your Life!

We offer free literacy lessons every day to all, regardless of ability! Learn to read in Common or Elvish script, and to write with both quill and stylus.

Graduates of our Basic Literacy course can progress on to our advanced curriculum which includes astronomy (with lessons in our state-of-the-art observatory!), mathematics, history and arcane theory.1 Amaze your friends with your knowledge!

Our expert teachers have been trained in the Sevenfold Oghmarite Discipline of Impartation, and have demonstrated competency in at least one advanced subject. Read their theses and peruse our collection of books in our quiet and well-stocked Reading Room! We have copies of many of the same books in the Great Library, available for lending now!

Attend daily services in our shrine, and learn about Our Mission and why helping Oghma helps YOU. We rely on your donations and assistance from volunteers.

NEW!! We now offer a selection of items and blessings for sale. Please peruse our selection of study aids and gifts, perfect for your curious friends in far-flung places who cannot attend our classes, our range of healing supplies, and enquire about the services our cleric can offer.

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