Crater Lake

The Crater Lake area is home to the lovable mutts known as Krenshar. Less cuddly are the trolls that live in the tunnels and caves to the west.

Below the lake live the Yuan-Ti, in whose tunnels can be found a large riftstone penetrating the cavern, and an entrance that will take one to the the-underdark. The Yuan-Ti have been seen to work with drow though how extensively is not known.

Crater Lake Fort
On the north edge of the crater sits (or sat, or sinks) Crater Lake Fort. It had a demon (devil?) problem at one time. It became home to Brand Silven and Elorfin Silverbow . After being in disuse for some time, the Nakrimine (version 2) headquartered there. After further disuse, it was lived in by Red, Nadya and their associates. After a bit more disuse, the Ravenguard tried to claim it but were displaced by the blood-guard while they were under the influence of Amauntor.

Crater Lake Overlook
From here the icy prison of Fhelkhorn and zantar can be seen.


Crater Lake gains its name from its obvious shape of indented land in the earth. Resting in the center is the "central lake", though there are many other bodies of water that all combine to make up the entirety of the lake. One body borders the edge of the the-grey-mountains, one body is what the old fort was built over, while another is a small pool that serves as a common meeting place for some adventurers. All these bodies flow into the central one.

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