The southern-most settlement of Thain, Davenshire was mostly a halfling town. However, other races, such as gnomes and humans, called the 'Shire their home.

It was important for its agriculture, minerals, docks and merchants. Much of what adventurers wear and weapons they use were acquired in Davenshire, as the docks allowed it to import higher quality gear from mainland.

Places of Interest

  • Guzbee's
  • Mya's Preciouses
  • Davenshire Fashions
  • The Majik Hole
  • The Spinning Mirror
  • Ma and Dem's Brewhouse
  • Tumbaga Mines
  • Kilarny Hobb's Place

People of Interest

The Rightsized Maidens and Knights are closely affiliated with Davenshire and had always defended the town from threats prior to its destruction.

An extensive report on Davenshire by Thayan Auxiliary Hakim-Tal-Azis can be found here.

The Desolation of Davenshire

Davenshire was almost completely destroyed by the Thayan Red Wizard Paydon Darkmare in a catastrophic event known as the desolation-of-davenshire. This caused the siege-of-the-enclave, the main theater of the conflict known as the war-of-the-ridgeshield. Almost every building in Davenshire disappeared under the arcane fire, and the few that remained were mere testaments to the destruction that took place. The latent negative energies in the town caused undead halflings to rise from the soil, which attacked anyone on sight, like most living dead. It was deemed that it would be impossible to rebuild Davenshire in its previous location, due to the aforementioned negative energies present.

After a lengthy search, a location was decided upon for the new rightsized settlement. Sandburrow Bay, as it has been dubbed, is located near The Cobblewall Inn and Hammersong, on the coast. Construction on the town is nearly complete.

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