The Elves of Thain once lived in grand temples and structures of rock that took the magic of the ancients to bend and mold to their will. During the times of great war the Elven cities fell into ruin and the ancient Elven mages were routed and slain.

The refugees that were left still possesed some magic art and settled back into their ancestral homes and rebuilt what they could. The tribe divided into two parts, those who would rebuild the Northern Tribe of the Feywood and those who would travel south to rebuild the Greenwood and the Tower of Elisara.

Now, elfsong can be heard throughout the Feywood again and the keepers of the forest watch over its children. There is peace again there though there have been tales of those who wish to destroy it and tales of how quickly they perished trying.

More Recently:

The elven stronghold within the Feywood has grown in spite of the constant attacks from the gnolls of the nearby moors. Scouts patrol the woodlands every day and at all times The elves of the Feywood are ruled by the Fey Council, which consists of Lady Syrissia, Suzerain Enebrion and the Loremaster Darius. These are wise and elder elves with the strong desire to protect nature and, in particular, protect their woods from destruction.

The Feywood has suffered much in recent times, aside from the gnoll attacks. Their troubles include the spreading of an evil disease caused by the riftstone that can be found very near the stronghold, attacks by the devil Azuul, and massacres initiated by arcane casters and a Talosian cleric, amongst others.

To better protect themselves the Fey Council has built a home for the tel'Varataurie in the treetops, so that they can offer aid to the stronghold and so that they might have a base from which to organise themselves.

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