Forgotten Halls

A series of large and small chambers built deep into the southern slopes of hammersong mountain near to the Cobblewall Inn. It is populated by large, fierce and intelligent ogres and the hellhounds they keep as pets. The leaders of these ogres are especially fierce and cunning, and there are said to be many who can weave magic, some of it powerful and more than enough to kill a careless visitor. All the ogres seem to carry large and often powerful weapons, and some wear heavy, well-made armor - this in addition to their leathery hides makes fighting them not a task for the weak or weary.

The origins of the Halls are shrouded in rumour and myth, but one thing is certain - there is strong magic there. Adventurers report finding powerful scrolls and other artifacts, and there are stories that a fire giant name Gipherus controls the complex and the ogres in it, although he himself is said to be bound by some magic so that he cannot leave. It is not certain how willingly the ogres support Gipherus; it may be that they hate him but do not have the power to fight him, it may be that they are grateful for the power he seems to have given them.

In any case, they do not like visitors, and in fact they often waylay and attack travelers on the road which passes close to the Halls.

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