Gerdamish Moor

Marshland stretching north from the feywood. Home of the gnolls, voracious goblinoids who raid south into the elves' territory.

Formerly home of a green dragon that used to periodically terrorize the region. After being killed by adventurers, its spawn were seen in the Feywood for a time. It is thought all were killed except one, Rakka.

To the North of the marshland the land rears up and forms a barrier through which a single narrow path leads. The gnolls use these heights as a defensive position guarding this path and have a somewhat permanent camp on the heights to the East. If you manage to pass this obstacle, the path leads to another extensive marshland, possibly even more dreary than that to the South. To the far North lies the gnolls' main settlement. This appears to have been a coastal village, but no known records of its history exist. The gnolls have added to its existing fortifications, taking advantage of the natural landscape to good effect. There is a jetty where small ships can dock and it seems to still be in use, though there have been no reported sightings of who it is the gnolls trade with.

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