Before the First Great War, Greenvale was the capital city of the greenwood, the center of all things elvish on Thain. Now liberated from an evil lich and restored to it's former glory, it is home to a community of elves saved from the madness of the poisoned woods by Queen Yu'syu.
The population is mainly made-up of elves however, when the refugee's from the arcane winter in hamley were allowed to shelter in the city, some if the villagers decided they enjoyed the life of the elves and decided to remain. Now the city's population is made of both elves and humans, and inevitably half-elves in the future.

Places of Interest

  • Darkania's Dresses
  • The Garden of Elisara
  • The Green Stag Inn
  • The Greenvale Bathhouse
  • The Greenvale Market
  • The Library of Elisara
  • The Meditation Chambers
  • The Ruins of Greenvale
  • The School of Magic
  • The Tomb of Kynnonen Faldric
  • The Tower of Elisara
  • The Visitor Quarters
  • Gzalmash's Tomb

People of Interest

Poisonwood Attack
Greenvale suffered an attack by the combined forces of different groups coming from poisonwood.

The first wave, mostly comprised of the poisonguard and a few others, arrived with a construct stolen from the rooms-of-ruin that housed the soul of Gorrath, Destroyer of the Worlds. Those attacking allowed themselves to be pushed back by the defending elven heavy infantry and archers, as well as the bronze dragon zantar. Their distraction successful they retreated allowing the second wave to enter the tower of Elisara undetected. The first wave then pressed their attack again to keep the defenders distracted. Meanwhile, during the struggle within the tower, the weakened silver dragon Gzalmash suffered a fatal wound before the poisonwood forces could be thwarted. Eventually the attacking forces were defeated, removed from the city and identified.

The battle was hard won however, and there were heavy casualties among the elven defenders including the great silver who died the following night.

For many years after the City of Elisara was reclaimed and restored to her former glory by Queen Yu'syu and her followers, the western quarter of the fair city continued to remain lost to a very persistent troll infestation.

At the impetus of the Archmage Carylduil Weftyln, and with the help of workers liberated from under the oppressive heel of Krel in ravens-watch, the reclaiming of the western quarter began. Caryduil, with the blessings of the Queen and with the aid of the occasional ally, pushed back the oppressive hoard of trolls allowing the workers to begin to reclaim the long lost neighborhood. In time the trolls within the walls were exterminated and the restoration began in earnest.

The western quarter is now the breathtakingly lovely Garden of Elisara. Nestled among it's peaceful avenues can be found the Green Stag Inn and the School of Magic.

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