Before the Great War, the elves of Thain dwelled in peace in the vast forest called the Greenwood, ruled by the wise queen Elisara. Their capital was the great city of greenvale.

When the Great War broke out, the elves of Greenwood were one of the first targets of the evil hordes. Elisara was slain in the onslaught, although her exact fate remains unknown.

Talyrenne may have become queen of the elves as the successor to Elisara, but perhaps only after the final battle was done and the elven kin sundered.

The elves went to war and came to the aid of their Celestial and human allies. Many were slain and in the final battle Kynonnen faced the devil Azuul. His friend the dragon rider draxus-ultimax was unable to stand by his side, and perhaps Syann could have done so but did not (uncertain). Kynonnen was slain by Azuul.

When the war was over, the elves sundered. One part of them did not want to face their destroyed homeland again and settled in the northern forest of feywood. The rest of the surviving elves returned to greenvale only to find the forest of Greenwood barren and dead and their city destroyed. Under the leadership of Queen Talyrenne]they set out to rebuild what was lost, although they had lost much of their former strength.

They tried their best, but they faced a new evil that had taken over the ruins of Greenvale. Somehow it caused poisonous gases to seep up from the bowels of the earth which began to corrupt the forest. That forest is now known as the poisonwood.

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