Grey Iron Mine

The Mines
These mines are controlled by steinkreis, though most of its workers live in hamley. It is a vital source of metal ores, including gold, iron, mithril, and adamantine. It also is a source of valuable gems that help fill Steinkreis' treasury. A force of Kreis Knights guards it from regular attacks by Iron Clan Goblins. Adventurers are permitted to work the mines in exchange for clearing out the monsters that lurk in its depths.

Grey Iron Camp
Miners eat and rest here between shifts. It also hows a small supply shop. Ore is packaged and stored here for shipping to steinkreis. Shipments are occasionally lost to trolls around crater-lake. While they have little desire for the ores, they enjoy the taste of flesh and the shiny gems.

A caravan from the qui-vive-monastery is often found near the camp. Adventurers can travel with it to the qui-vive-monastery for a small fee, thus avoiding the dangers of the the-grey-mountains.

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