An attractive village to the north of steinkreis, Hamley is a dynamic community with a growing population. Famed for dairy, crop production, and spider attacks, Hamley is also home to many of the miners who work the Grey Iron Mines, to the south.


Hamley began as a small, nameless cluster of proximal farm holdings. Growing over time, the village eventually took the name "Hamley", in honor of Eorlith Moonbow Hamley, the famed elven git. It now boasts a fountain, an inn, a guard barracks, a smithy, a supply depot, a temple, several houses, and the Guild house of the Keepers of Thain. A central well is the town's main water supply, though most buildings now feature indoor pumps.

Hamley is defended by a detachment of the Empyrean Guard, led by Colonel Bennars. As of this writing, its wooden palisade is being extended past the west gates, in keeping with the town's burgeoning expansion.

Though Hamley's appeal held as a long time as a "small town", the excessive amount of attention from both politicians and adventurers alike made it inevitable that the town would grow. Today it is nearly doubled in size from when it was originally deemed "Hamley", even after a quarter of its citizens broke off to live in greenvale.

The Arcane Affliction

After Hamley came under the rule of the red dragon Fhelkhorn when he tricked Gzalmash into a duel he couldn't win they took desperate measures to rid of him. greenvale devised a plan with the help of adventurers that involved using great magics embedded in pylons placed around Fhelkhorn's territory that would freeze over the entire land and lock it in an unnaturally long winter— weakening the power that Fhelkhorn drew from the land (since it was his opposing element). This, in the end, did allow the races of Thain to overcome the dragon but not without consequence. The people of Hamley found refuge in greenvale for the year as their town lay under ice and snow, and after returning thought it to be normal.

Though soon signs of corruption in the land began showing; strange glowing at night, growth of foreign plants, crops began irregular growth patterns. A group of concerned druids and adventurers eventually set it right and life has returned to normal.

People of Interest

  • Colonel Bennars
  • Keanes
  • Stone Circle Temple Priest

Post-Winter Expansion

After the arcane winter and with the collaboration of several adventurers, Hamley underwent an important expansion towards the north. The walls were pushed close to the adumbral-woods, which seemingly brought the increased wrath of the vermin native to that area.

Hamley now features a large Town Hall, to which Colonel Bennars moved. Also, several houses were built and are now available for rent.

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