Hammersong Mountain

The Hammersong Mountain is a massive singular peak jutting up out of the south eastern coast of the island. It is a region inhabited by ogres and giants, but is also home to the dwarven settlement of hammersong. While the main road over the mountain pass is fairly safe, the back road that winds west of the beaten track, can be quite treacherous as mountain giants are rather intolerant of wayward travelers and it is easy to become lost and end up in the poisonwood where roaming guard patrols are nearly as deadly as drow.

On a hidden plateau to the west, only reachable through an underground passageway, lies a lone wizard's tower. There are rumors that the master of this mage fortress is insane and quite dangerous, while other rumors cite that the tower has been abandoned for some time. On the southern slope of the mountain just off the road sits the Cobblewall Inn, a convenient waypoint for weary travelers to restock and spend the night before continuing their trek. Also along the south slope of Hammersong lies an old underground city that is now over-run by ogres. It seems likely that this city, now known only as the forgotten-halls, was once inhabited by arcane scholars for there are a fair number of bookshelves among the ruins.

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