Northlands Village

The Northlands Village is a spread-out collection of wooden structures surrounded by natural barriers vice a man-made stockade. It is situated between the Avalance Pass to the west, the Lakeside Way to the east, and the forbidden Craggen Isle to the south (purported to be haunted by evil spirits). The village and surrounding lands are in a state of perpetual winter… perhaps a side-affect of the divine implosion that marked the epoch of the time of gods and the now godless presence in this frozen region of Thain. To the south of the Village beyond Craggen lies a wizard's tower inhabited by a rather eccentric arch-mage named Quark.

Places of Interest

  • Ice & Fang Inn
  • Merchant's Hall
  • Guard Barracks

People of Interest

  • Alisha the Bardess
  • Lady Ariana
  • Barlip the Smith
  • Captain Bryce
  • Chard the Trapper
  • Christina the Seamstress
  • Norbert the Bookseller
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