Qui Vive Monastery

Nestled in a valley high in the Grey Mountains, the Qui Vive Monastery has existed since anyone can remember; only no one really remembers the Qui Vive Order, as they closed down their doors (caved in the passage to their lands) shortly after the first Cataclysm. For long years, the only remnants of their society were the various Qui Vive artifacts that were sold by the merchant monk in Steinkreis.

Recently, the area has gone through many changes in order to prepare for the re-opening of the Qui Vive Monastery to the public of Thain. However, not all the monastery residents are happy to once again welcome the public…

Places of Interest

  • Tuscas Goods (general store)
  • Crypt (place of honor for the deceased)
  • Grove (a place of quiet solitude)
  • Garden of Tranquility (a wonder of shared beauty)
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