Rooms Of Ruin

A vast complex of machinery and arcane devices built into the the-grey-mountains near the ork lands and giant caves. It is patrolled and guarded by golems who are rebuilt and reprogrammed by the Rooms' machinery.

Power for the Rooms is drawn from magma exposed deep underground. There is an energy forge which has been used to forge a celestial crystal athame (Aristides' and the anti-shadow Athame which killed him) and other delights. There is an energy well which has been used to destroy pernicious objects.

Originally built by a group in the time of Vongottstein. Some of them became suspicious of the actions of a particular member, who installed runes and mechanisms of his own devising. That member became a lich and was known as the-mechanist. He would surface again during the Second Cataclysm, The the-shadow-war.

Once the headquarters of The Circle, programming by the-mechanist eventually reasserted control of the golems and they are currently hostile to all. The Einheit Guardian that controlled the golems became dominated by the Mechanist Control Unit in the Nexus at the center of the Rooms. The golems still acknowledge The Mechanist as if he were still alive.

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