The closest thing to a capital city on Thain, the high stone walls that surround Steinkreis against her enemies are an impressive sight to behold. Like any bustling city there are a myriad of; shops, pubs, inns, a temple, a library, a gaol, and the Grand Keep itself where the sovereign of the realm resides and holds public court of appearance.

The city is divided into four major sections: Lowtown, Midtown, Uptown and the Blackmere District.

Places of Interest

People of Interest

Change of Sovereign
Bargus Telmoran assumed Steinkreis' leadership after the disappearance of Lord Kämpfer, he quickly dissolved the Lord's Council and encouraged the Elven and Dwarven emissaries to return home.

Magic Ban
When it was determined that a magically enhanced explosion destroyed the original Ebon Connection Trading Post, Lord Telmoran outlawed the use of magic within the walls of the city. This decree was enforced with the installation of powerful anti-magic obelisks across the city that prevented magical casting. Exceptions were made for those officially sanctioned and approved arcanists who were issued a magical permit.

Baneite Troubles
After a series of gruesome murders both in the city and elsewhere, investigations determined that the followers of Bane were responsible and they were immediately proclaimed outlaws and banished from the city and all lands under her graces.

This led to a series of confrontations with the Baneite High Priestess and those loyal to her and eventually led to the capture and imprisonment of the Lady Nasmat. (rumors abound including that she surrendered of her own volition) Eventually, in retaliation for the banishment and for the imprisonment of their High Priestess, those loyal to Bane orchestrated a massive explosion that resulted in the destruction of a large portion of the city and killed many of her citizens.

The efforts to rebuild are ongoing and evidence of the destruction can still be found. The explosion also destroyed many of the anti-magic obelisks effectively ending the ban on magic in the city.

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