The Ebon Connection

The Ebon Connection, Ebon Trade Post deals both in divine supplies and rare goods.

The first Ebon Connection was opened within the major city of steinkreis, by the Lady Nasmat and her many associates.

A location previously known as the Roaming Gnome, it was uncertain how the Lady managed to acquire ownership of the establishment so easily. At first there were no complaints to the new owner, as business soon began to increase with the new goods for sale.

It was only after a rash of murders that were seemingly done under the name of Bane, that the shop and its owner became more than the people were willing to tolerate. Acts of violence were taken against the establishment, until at last Bargus Telmoran officially evicted the Lady and her associates from the city.

Through some work and effort eventually a bargain was struck with the notorious Krel Twistback, allowing the high priestess and her allies to relocate within Raven's Watch. It was here that she revealed the true nature of her allies and associations, that the commerce was being undertaken by those of the Zhentarim.

Relocation has greatly benefitted the shop, increasing trade and business to levels beyond that which the city ever provided.

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