Grey Mountains

The Grey Mountains stretch across a large part of Thain from north of steinkreis to the the-drakamyre.

South Slopes
North of the city the countryside becomes rougher, more hazardous. The foothills of the Grauer Suden are famed for their metal cows. Tunnels lead to the upper part of the mountain, where high orks live.

Peaks - Bagnorn Country
In the mountain heights live the ferocious Bagnorn Ork tribe, once worshipers of tozak. A spirit in a still-standing watchtower in Bagnorn Keep may speak of the origin of the fortress and then of its downfall.

Still in the mountain heights one can find the rooms-of-ruin, the qui-vive-monastery isolated by the dangerous mountain passage, a trail to the the-drakamyre Rise and an entrance to a cave with an anti-magic stone inside, populated by giants. Further down the mountain, the foothills swarm with Iron Clan goblins. At the eastern end of the foothills, just south of hamley, is the grey-iron-mine, considered in the domain of steinkreis.

In the ground below the mountains, a network of tunnels connect from the trolls' tunnels in the east, the giants' caves in the west, and the Iron Clan warrens.

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