The South Coast

The South Coast is a semi-tropical region on the southern most end of the island that connects the long trail between hammersong-mountain and the moribund-bog. When entering from the Hammersong side, the trail splits off and leads to the greenvale and the City of Elisara within that forest, but the pathway is often made deadly by the presence of the cannibalistic Razor Fangs. To try and keep the main road safe from this threat, the blood-guard used to post patrols at way stations on the path under the command of Captain Rieganne. However, since the exodus of this ranger group, the patrols have been taken up by the forces of the Empyrean Aurora, the Greenvale, and davenshire. The patrols along the beach are also responsible for keeping signal fires lit that ward passing ships from venturing too close to the crushing shoals beneath the waves just off shore.

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