The Wastes

The desolation in the Northwest of the island was once a fertile land with a thriving settlement founded by Celestials. Traces of their communities are still found in the sands.

"It is unknown exactly what caused the shadow to fall over the mighty forest north of Drakamyre mountain, or what led to its complete desolation. Legends speak of an ancient sorcerer in times of old who made a pact with Asmodeus for the loving eyes of a princess maiden of the elven court of which he served. In the end the sorcerer fell into the Abyss and when Asmodeus was finished with the lands above he held up his end of the deal, and handed the eyeballs of the maiden to the sorcerer just before swallowing his soul."

- From the book "The Shadowdune Wastes" in the palette.

Many were told that it was zentarus's power that kept the Wastes in shadow. Zentarus being a Shadowlord of the Abyss, this seemed likely. The creatures that roamed the wastelands were his creatures, fierce beings of shadow and death that wrought destruction wherever they went. It was the Wyrm Beetles that caused the Wastes to become barren, desertlike wastelands with their scorching fire and damaging elemental powers. The Shadowdune Fiends were manifestations of the shadow itself, while the other creatures that roamed there served to spread Zentarus's darkness with their sheer power. It was Zentarus's desire to spread his shadow across the entirety of Thain, causing the whole island to become as desolate and dark a place as the Wastes.

To combat this dread possibility, the Empyrean Aurora Guard set up a small camp there, where their guards and crusaders battled valiantly against the darkness, holding the creatures back from overrunning the island. Their situation was desperate, with very little in the way of aid from any other faction upon the island, but still they persevere.

Some aid arrived for the Empyrean, in the form of a large contingent of golems that reinforced their camp. These golems were created in the The rooms-of-ruin and sent by the organization known as The Circle. Though the situation remained perilous, the Empyrean at least held a stronger force.

Then one day, the golems all marched west. Ventures by The Circle and allies into the dunes could not find them. They would reappear at the beginning of the Shadow War, having been turned against the Empyrean by the-mechanist.

In the early stages of the War, adventurers blasted the bridge to the Wastes in an effort to keep the shadow armies at bay, but those used portals to transport their forces.

After Zentarus' Fall

With the fall of Zentarus, the shadow covering the wastes subsided and life began to return to the arid desert-like region. Though soon after Zentarus left the wastes became home to a new threat, uthundor the Storm Lord. Though his rule was short compared to that of Zentarus', Uthundor's presence was felt long after his death in the form of his shattered storm relic that caused a wild living storm to traverse the land and turn the arid desert into a more moist, tropical region. The sands began to loosen and created a whole new threat for would-be adventurers in the form of quicksand.

Once Fhelkhorn tricked Gzalmash into the Silver's defeat, he began to shape the land about him with his abilities gained from being an aspect dragon. While he enjoyed terrorizing and playing with the denizens of Hamley, during the winter months he preferred to lair in the Wastes and therefore destroyed the storm Uthundor created and fashioned one of his own in the form of fire and sand. The wastes for a short period were covered in blinding sandstorms and seering sand, attracting elementals and deadly creatures from deeper into the west. Much of the Wastes were turned into glass and returned to sand in this process, but there are still large caverns and hunks of glass that remain under the sands of the large desert.

After the Dragons' Rule

With the death of Fhelkhorn his power in the Wastes dispersed, once more leaving it a dry arid desert. New creatures arrive in the sands, and some travelers report seeing unusual nomad tribesmen from parts unknown.

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