About Me as a Person
Art degree grad in British Columbia, taxidermist, all around creepy person.

About me as a Player
I'm told I'm some sort of ancient being on Thain but I refuse to believe it. I met my husband on the server which means Thain has affected my life far more than I expected

What I want out of RP
I value character depth and interesting development through story more than I value goal-driven RP. Having spent a great deal of time roleplaying in games without the advantage of a DM client, I find that I am drawn to roleplayers who can create their own fun and storylines without the aid of any sort of higher figure. I dislike 'gimmick' characters.

I absolutely loathe roleplay with characters who play up the 'weak and helpless' to obtain sympathy or victim RP. I much prefer to play with characters who are bold in one way or another, and break the mold a bit. If your PC plops down in the middle of a group of people and begins to cry about how no one loves them, I'm rolling my eyes behind my screen and looking for a more entertaining avenue of RP elsewhere.

Conflict storylines are something I love, but I have no desire to play up an OOC conflict into IC. I'm fairly easy going and don't mind discussing problems with people, or friendly discussions about storylines. If you're unsure about anything, feel free to drop me a line.

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