Real Name: Ilsa
IG Account: PerfectPixie
Location: Unistat, Pacific Coast
Characters: Ivali, Dru, Ivy/Laiqualassiel, Siria Swampedge (ported to Raven's Bluff), Sheena Katyi, Zanzi Nabru

A wise old halfling who lives in a yurt west of the Northlands Village. Coder & dilettante.

In my spare time I bake, code, make music, 日本語を勉強して、mix cocktails, play NWN, make video and photographs, sew, write, machine, solder, and sleep. I don't have enough spare time to do any of them justice.

I love fancy words. I wish I could write the sort of convoluted passages one finds in Victorian-era prose that go on for far longer than it seems a sentence should, twisting this way and that until you're not quite sure if the denouement has anything to do with the original subject and don't really dare go back to check, as you're now so far from the origin of the whole turgid mess that you might not be able to find your way back without re-reading the entire thing. But I also love clarity and economy of expression. A place for everything, yes? And this is the biggest draw for me to NWN: writing. Expression.

NWN can be many games in one. The aspect I like most is character. Ivali and Dru are both more character than anything else. I didn't have a story in mind for them or know ahead of time what they would respond to, I just had an idea for a person, set them in Thain and let them do what their characters did.

Another game is story. Zanzi is my character that comes from a story idea rather than a this-person-is-like-this idea. I'd only known of one DD that really seemed like a Dragon Disciple (as opposed to your everyday dragonkin) and they didn't touch on any ritual-ish stuff, which I find quite fun to write. It is the sort of archaic dramatic thing I like (see Victorian prose reference above.) So in searching for a way to learn draconic magic (presumably to get greater power than would be achieved by conventional means) she finds fragments of ritual, and this will be what leads her to DDness.

The other games-within-the-game don't hold much more than passing interest for me.

""Here is what is true. Everyone likes a great story. and everyone loves great great characters. And in my business it is character over concept." —Anthony Zuiker, creator of CSI

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