Just Miggen

Real Name: Sean
IG Account: Tanmus Woodshadow
Commonly Referred to As: Miggen
Location: The Nastinati, Ohio
MSN: moc.liamtoh|501piz_ryhpez#moc.liamtoh|501piz_ryhpez
Characters: miggen-windermoot, talon-tannerman, Thavius Stoin

About Me
I'm a poor college student (woe is me!) attending the University of Cincinnati who is lucky enough to have not one but two jobs right now— working as your friendly Sam's Club associate with enough passive aggressiveness to fill five trucks and a dish-washer at a high class casual restaurant where im in ur kalamaris eatin ur fried squids.

What I look for in RP
What do I look for in the game of Neverwinter Nights? As a fan of creative writing ever since birth mixed with my fiendishly-geeky obsession with "Nintendo Tapes" ever since Kirby's dream land I found that NWN has supplied me with the proper tools to tell an interesting story while allowing others to partake in it and interact— molding the story to take unexpected twists and turns. Through my DM events I try to let the players involved effect the outcome; setting down a complicated storyline mixed with a basis of what will and won't work and letting people take it from there. I enjoy watching logic, creativity, and characterization come together to weave an intricate story— a design I cannot find duplicated in any other game.

I enjoy characters with depth, and venomously hate the alignment system. An action, I believe, can be justified any way. Why is it the evil necromancer hates everyone and wants to use their souls to power his undead-making machine? Why is Kampher so jaded? Why won't Archmage Powerfulmangus help the lowly citizens when he has it in his perfect power to solve everything with the wave of his hand? Characters with inner conflicts intrigue me more than the average "click-n-hit" hero, characters who have something almost real about them. They feel pain, they fear death— characters made of both action and consequence.

Things you may or may not know about Miggen
~He has been proven scientifically cooler than Cleric of Mystra
~He likes cake
~He can dance if he wants to
~He can leave his friends behind
~He likes you
~He is 89% of the playerbase on Thain
~He is a robosexual
~He is a SquidShark

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